Ferrule technology

One of the Reptile Masts success‘ reason is the unique geometry of the sections and the NEW exclusive INSERTED CYLINDRICAL FERRULE TECHNOLOGY.

Obviously, the mast is conical. Bottom and top sections are produced separately, with different mandrels and different layups. Reptile Masts’s sections are conical, but with a CYLINDRICAL portion in the connection area.  That’s the key point. We insert in this area a super light and strong T900 fibers exclusive FERRULE, perfectly in contact with the inner diameter of the mast.

The T900 ferrule is strongly glued inside the bottom section, but it can and must move and bend inside the mast, naturally following the mast’s bendcurve, without any flat section.

The exclusive T900 ultra-light fibers ferrule improves the reflex of the mast of more than 20 %, permits to spread the loading forces along the entire mast length, makes the sections interchangeable, and gives to the rider a unique feeling of extra power under control.

When derigged, the mast may looks slightly bent, but in reality, it’s the T900 ferrule that has been compressed toward the inner mast’s wall during the riding. But no panic, the mast will work perfectly when rigged again.

Most of the successful “new school sails brand” are joining this exclusive technology, race proven with several positive feedbacks from top riders.