About us

Founder and Managing Director

Born in Italy, he learned to windsurf with the strong and cold wind from east/north east called the Bora. For many years, at the age of 18, he was the ideal tester for the nearest carbon mast factories based in the north east of Italy, who were experimenting new techniques for the first pre preg carbon masts. During this period he matured and developed his abilities to include gear development, working and sharing feedback’s with many pro-riders. After an Economics Degree, in 2004 he decided to start with an experiment, Reptile-masts, a mix of technology, passion and business. In 2008 he has been called to manage the windsurfing mast department of an important composite factory in Italy, and Reptile-masts moved with him to a new exciting production. He has been working with the most important sail makers and top pro riders to achieve the best result possible. Reptile is the product of that long and rich path. In 2014 he developed and patented the most innovative mast in the windsurfing history, the Reptile Reverse.

Beginning in summer 2018 the distribution in Germany is run by Timm Köpke with his team of experts from Flensburg at the German-Danish border. We would like to introduce you to this team below:

Managing Director Sales

Marketing, Graphic Design, IT

Sales, Accounting

Sales, Accounting

Apprentice (Wholesale and foreign trade merchant)