10 reasons why

  1. COMPATIBILITY. Even if, for obvious reasons, most of sailmakers declares that only the original mast can work properly on their sails. The majority of new school sails can be fitted with a constant/flex top curve mast. That also means that the majority of the new school masts can fit many different sail designs. What makes the difference is the quality of the carbon fibers used and the strength control of the production process.
  2. IMPROVED REFLEX, PURE POWER. The use of certificated high quality prepreg materials allows Reptile to create masts with superior dynamic response, which means the ability that the mast has to bring back to the original shape a sail deformed by the wind in the quickest possible way. In addition to that, the special “inserted ferrule” with T900 fibres add to the mast a 20 % more reflex, working and bending together with the mast.
  3. PASSION AND EXPERIENCE. We call it “art of carbon”, the continuous research and development we keep on doing year after year. Reptile is one of the few mast brands with the carbon splinters on the fingers; we perfectly know how to build the masts because WE DO BUILD masts.
  4. STYLE. The Reptile style is unique, bright green color design on the best quality black carbon fibers. We always try to get you the best to make you feel proud to have something beautiful for your rig. Reptile for your style!
  5. DETAILS make the difference. We analyzed every single element and addressed the issues with function, reliability and performance.
  6. INNOVATIVE DESIGN. The first brand ever that changed the rules, with the REVERSE RDM masts.
  8. ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY. An ‘advanced composite’ usually refers to a structure where high performance composite, materials and component geometry work in harmony optimizing performance. That’s what we had in mind when we started Reptile-masts, and that’s what we still have in mind when we shape our dreams into a Reptile Mast. The fibers of a Reptile mast exists out of a mixture of sacrifice, passion, technology, quality, development and several tests results. All of the above makes it one of the most accurate mast brands in the windsurfing industry.